Premier specialises in the design and manufacture of lightweight ballistic custom fuel bladders. Premier custom fuel bladders surpass the most stringent tests required by the FIA and conform to FT3-1999 - FT5-1999 regulations.

Custom fuel bladders can be manufactured as one off's or series production.

  • FIA approved lightweight ballistic fabrics FT3 1999 - FT5 1999.
  • Vast library of standard interface flanges.
  • One-way flap valves.
  • Internal collector boxes.
  • High/Low pressure in-tank pumps.
  • Venturi transfer.
  • Mil-Spec loom.
  • Composite/Fabricated aluminium covers.

Custom bladders can be manufactured from CAD data or basic outline dimensions. Contact technical sales/in-house design team to discuss your requirements.

Custom Bladder
V8 Supercar (Premier OEM)