Research and Development (R&D)

Premier has been at the forefront of safety fuel systems technology for over 40 years, every year Premier pushes the envelope further by constant investment in material research to bring you the lightest, strongest and safest systems for every field that Premier operates in.


Premier maintain and operate a state of the art in house Research & Development laboratory. Along side the day to day testing of each batch of material prior for issue to production The facility provides for:

– Material permeability testing to MIL Spec MIL-T-27422F & MIL-T-6396F.

– Material & Component fuel compatibility testing.

– Development and testing of light weight fuel bladder materials.

Rapid Prototyping (3D printing)

Premier utilise Fortus Rapid Prototyping machines to reduce design, development and engineering of our fuel system components.

– Prototypes components can be produced in a very short period of time from high-performance thermoplastics that withstand harsh functional testing and exposure to modern fuels.

– Precision Tooling, Jigs and fixtures

3D Printer