Explosion Suppressant Safety Foam (ESF)

ESF reticulated polyurethane foams for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation are unique, environmentally-friendly materials designed for use in rigid and flexible (bladder type) fuel tanks in virtually any vehicle, vessel, or aircraft. It is suitable for any vehicle where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists, or where surge/noise mitigation is required.

Conforming to Mil Spec MIL-B-83054, SAE-AIR-4170 or equivalent. This foam shall fill a minimum of 80 % of the volume of the fuel bladder. Where rapid refuelling is expected, an anti-static foam conforming to Mil-Spec MIL-F-87260 (USAF) shall be employed.

  • ESF Type II Yellow compatibility Petrol
  • ESF Type III Blue Diesel / Methanol
  • Only displaces 3%