Marine Fuel Systems

Premier Marine Fuel Bladders are used in a vast number of Marine craft. RNLI rescue boats, Yachts, Military Craft, Race Boats and Customs & Excise patrol boats.

Design :

Premier’s Marine Fuel Bladders can be designed to any shape, size or capacity.

Specification :

  • ISO-10088 fire test small craft – permanently fixed system
  • Def Stan 15-2 Flexible tanks aircraft fuel and methanol/water systems
  • MIL-T-6396F tanks, aircraft fluid systems
  • MIL-T-27422F Crash-resistant, ballistic-tolerant, fuel cells

ESF Baffling :

Explosion Suppressant Foam (ESF) baffles fuel bladders by suppressing fuel surge eliminating fuel slosh.

Fuel Compatibility :

Outstanding resistance to: Petrol, Petrol/Ethanol Blends, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, 100% Ethanol and almost all other fuels in current use.

Characteristics :

Shock, vibration, impact immune, salt water and ozone resistant.

Manufacture :

Lightweight high strength, rubber coated ballistic nylon / Aramid  Mil Spec materials.

Installation :

Premier’s Marine Fuel Bladders can be easily installed in the hull of any craft. The Bladders are very flexible and can be manipulated to fit in tight spaces.

Marine Fuel Bladders
Marine Fuel Bladders
GSPC (Premier OEM)